"A wonderful collection of poems, short writings and brief Bible studies based on the Gospel, giving believers and unbelievers alike the basis of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Filled with scripture, the author teaches readers that all need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ to obtain eternal life in Heaven. 
The author sets forth scripture pertaining to the alternative, unbelief and that Hell is actually a choice of the individual. The author firmly gives understanding of salvation to the skeptic, the unbeliever and those who are complacent in their views on eternity. The second section of the book focuses on different aspects of the Christian walk, including prayer, obedience, fellowship, witnessing, and eternity. With the final section offering a general study covering holy days, celebrations, and responsibility toward government. 
A highly recommended read for Christians and unbelievers alike, this read will encourage, uplift, inspire and transform lives, giving readers the tools to live in victoriously in Christ."
  -CBM Book Reviews


"Get on Board and Stay on Board is a delightful and down-to-earth collection of wisdom for life by Pearl Kumi. This volume contains many short 1-2 page essays and poems that could be read with great profit by anyone seeking to understand and know God better. The pages are full of quotations from the Bible which informs the worldview of the author. The author writes clearly, concisely, and centered on Christ. Whether a reader professes to be a follower of Jesus or not, this volume will help them understand why Paul wrote, "for to me to live is Chris" (Philippians 1:21). The brevity of the articles and frequent changes of subject make Get on Board and Stay on Board a good choice for a daily devotional resource." -Dr. George Harton President, Washington Bible College


"The Last Train at Sunset presents to individuals the important question of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Poignantly presenting the Gospel through a series of short articles and poems, the author sheds light to the urgency of the matter and that "Today is the Day of salvation." She encourages all to understand the urgency of the matter because all are appointed to die and eternity does await each individual whether you believe or don't believe. 
With lots of scripture and a firm biblical application, the author gives concise answers to the question of salvation, forgiveness of sins, eternity, Heaven, Hell. Within this, she gives tools and practical application from scripture to help the believer in the walk with the Lord. This a wonderfully encouraging read that inspires to take hold of salvation and to not miss the last train at sunset."
  -CBM Book Reviews