This is a book of short articles that address the most important issues of life: God, man, sin, separation from God, forgiveness, death, judgment, and eternity. The Bible makes it clear that God is going to judge the world (people) someday because of man's sinfulness. Only God knows the judgment date. That date can be any day now. Prepare now, and avoid God's judgment!


Jesus is coming back - and soon! That knowledge should motivate all Christians to live with expectation and accountability in mind.

Are you a new Christian with a desire to grow in your faith? Are you a mature Christian looking for ways to encourage and mentor a new Christian? Written in an easy-to-read and understand format, this book is an excellent resource for you!

The compilation of articles contained herein cover the basics of Christian living to include: prayer, Bible-reading, fellowship with other believers, and evangelism - and all topics are provided with supporting Scripture.

"Living for Jesus Until He Returns" calls the Church to godly-living and soul-winning in anticipation of the Master's return!


TIME IS RUNNING OUT is a book of short articles that stress the need and urgency of placing one's faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. It has a lot of Scripture quotes to support the message. The articles are short and easy to read.




Are you interested in reaching Spanish-speaking-friends with the gospel, but have been unable to, due to the language barrier?  I have a solution for you.  The Spanish version of ‘Time Is Running Out’ is now available. Don’t allow a language barrier to stop you from sharing the saving message of the gospel. Give them the opportunity to understand the message in a language they can understand. Prayerfully share this book with as many as you can, and trust God to bring in a bountiful harvest. This could be the only exposure to the gospel some of your friends will ever have. I encourage you to obtain copies today, and also share this book with as many people as you can.


THE LAST TRAIN AT SUNSET is a book of short articles and poems that are easy to read. The author seeks to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who do not know it, who do not understand it, or do not understand the urgency of it.

This message is urgent, because after life here on earth, eternity awaits each individual. Eternity will be in heaven or hell, but it does not have to be in hell; believing in Jesus Christ guarantees eternity in heaven. Choosing not to believe in Jesus Christ does not exempt anyone from the consequences of unbelief.

The book also contains articles that will help any Christian in their Christian walk.


Get on Board and Stay on Board contains poems, articles, and short Bible studies. It is directed toward unbelievers and believers alike. It is designed to lead the unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ, and then help him or her in a spiritual journey. Articles and poems in section one of the book clearly challenge unbelievers about their need for salvation and admonish them to prepare for eternity before it is too late by accepting Jesus’ offer of salvation through His shed blood. 

There is emphasis on good works not being good enough to save; only the blood of Jesus is good enough to appease God’s wrath. Whether people agree or disagree with God does not change the facts. God is God, and He laid down the rules. It also stresses the point that hell is by choice; one can avoid going there by believing in Jesus Christ.

The articles in section two cover different aspects of the Christian walk, including prayer, obedience, fellowship, witnessing, and eternity.

Section three is general and covers holy days, celebrations, and responsibility toward government. In addition, believers will find these articles helpful in their personal walk and in use as a good witnessing and follow-up tool for evangelism.