In the beginning, God created man in His own image.

God maintained camaraderie with man through friendship with man in the Garden.

“Should God have fellowship with man? I don’t think so,” said the devil.

So the devil devised a plan to destroy the friendship between God and man.

Through the devil’s scheme, man disobeyed God, and lost friendship with God.

The devil was ecstatic. He had succeeded. He beamed with pride. 

But God said, “Not so fast, Satan! It’s not over until it’s over.”    


God was grieved of course, but in order to satisfy His justice, sin must be redressed.

So God became Man, in the Person of His Son Jesus, and lived among men.

Through his Son Jesus, God showed man how to restore friendship

Through faith in His Son Jesus.

The devil incited the people against Jesus. They hung Him on a cross, He died, and He was buried.

Again the devil thought to himself, “Finally, I have done it! Man will forever be estranged from God, and be my partner in hell.”

“Not so fast, Satan! It’s not over until it’s over.”


Now, after Jesus died, Satan was so overjoyed he threw a party.

Who was at the party?

Satan and his demons of course!

They slapped each other on the back and congratulated each other.

“We did it, we did it! The tomb is tightly sealed, what good is a dead Savior?”

Not so fast. Not so fast, Satan! It’s not over until it’s over.


On the third day, as the party was going on, there was a big earthquake.

All back-slapping and celebration stopped abruptly. “What’s going on?” Satan asked.

Before any could answer, he saw the stone at the mouth of the tomb roll away.

Jesus walked out with angels worshiping Him!     

“O, Nooooooo,” said the devil, “JESUS IS ALIVE, MY ENEMY IS ALIVE!!!  

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. Man will find his way back to God through faith in Jesus!”

“What can I do differently now?” asks the disappointed Satan.

Slow down, Satan. Now it’s really over!