Parties are usually in honor of someone or something, and the reason for a party could be one of many: birthday, retirement, engagement, etc.  Although some think differently, Christmas is really Jesus’ birthday, and the parties should be about Him.  

Whether people agree or disagree on the reason for the celebration at Christmas, most are still going to participate in the celebration.  Very few are going to honor the birthday-Guest.  Most celebrators are not going to say happy birthday to Him in any way, or bring Him any presents.  In short, the Guest of honor will be slighted in some circles.

This Christmas, as you celebrate, whether at home, at work, in the neighborhood, or at Church, ask yourself, “Who is the Guest of honor,” and “How is He being honored?”  If you are the host or hostess at any of these parties, please let your other guests know exactly who you are celebrating.  If you happen to be a guest and the host or hostess doesn’t introduce the Guest of honor, please do.  

Jesus is not looking for a piece of turkey, a bowl of mashed potato, or a piece of cake; it will suffice for Him to be acknowledged as the Savior, the only Son of God, sent to redeem mankind. The one present I believe He’d really love is to be given the opportunity to forgive sins, and to bring men back to God.  Put your faith in Him today, and make it a memorable Christmas.