Salvation; Expiration date; God's love


God’s promises are like deposits made into our bank accounts. We can’t claim something we don’t know was available to us. If you didn’t know someone has made a deposit into your bank account, you’d never make a withdrawal, no matter how needy and desperate you might be.

Your Invitation Has An Expiration Date

God loves us and would like us to respond to Him. Although we are unaware of a specific date, God’s invitation into a relationship with Him also has a time limit.  That date is not readily available as one might see on coupons, but I can assure you, your invitation to come to God expires when you die, or when Jesus returns to earth, whichever comes first; the Bible says so. God knows when, but we don’t, which is why each person needs to take this invitation seriously and treat it with urgency. It is better to have the assurance now that God has a place for you in heaven, rather than get to the end only to find that your name is not on the list. What a disappointment and loss that would be!