What will make you conclude a day is good? I’ll agree with you if your good day includes: good health, a full tummy, a roof over your head, good friends and family, children behaving well and doing well in school, and a not-too-demanding work environment. Which kind of day would you consider a horrible day? I bet it’ll include: poor health, financial challenges, a demanding job, unfriendly neighbors, unexpected emergencies, and the like.

Why then do we call a day of suffering good? There was a Friday in history when Jesus, the Son of God, suffered mercilessly at the hands of sinners. One of His friends betrayed Him, another denied Him, and the others deserted Him. He was falsely accused, convicted after a bogus trial, made fun of, beaten, spat upon, and made to wear a crown of thorns, His clothes were stolen, and He was made to carry His own cross for as long as He could.

Eventually, He was crucified, and on the cross when He asked for water, He was offered vinegar. Finally, He died! That Friday, the immortal died! I’d say that was a horrible, unforgettable Friday. So why do we refer to that day as good?

It was a Good Friday because Jesus’ death brought good news to mankind! The curse that was pronounced in the Garden of Eden was lifted. The separation between God and man that resulted from sin in the Garden was restored (see Genesis 3:14-19; Galatians 3:13; Romans 5:18-19). Definitely, for mankind, it was a very, very good day! Our sins have been atoned for; God was reconciling the world to Himself through the death of Jesus (Matthew 26:28; John 1:29; Acts 2:38, 10:43; Hebrews 9:15; Psalm 32:1; 2 Corinthians 5:19).

However, the benefits of Good Friday are not automatic. The only way to benefit from Good Friday is to repent from your sins and place your faith in Jesus! Call on Him today, and He will forgive your sins and come and live in your heart through His Spirit. Please do not ignore or postpone this decision: it is that important! Where you spend eternity depends on it! (See Acts 10:43; Isaiah 53:10-11).