Christmas, 2018 is almost here, it’s only two days away! Are you ready, and are your gifts wrapped? What gifts are you expecting, or hoping to receive, and how meticulously are you going to unwrap your presents?

Presents we receive are reminders that we’re loved, and that others care about us. Quite often, we don’t really need or have very good use for the presents we get, and that explains the reason people return gifts for exchange.

There’s one gift we’re all getting; it’s nicely wrapped, and should be unwrapped with care and gratitude! The sender, God, loves us so much, He gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ. He is the perfect gift; we each need Him! Accepting Him brings salvation, joy, and peace. Returning this gift to the Sender will be a big mistake, because the benefits of this gift are needful and beneficial for this life, and throughout eternity! Don’t live without it (Him).

Jesus is the reason for the season; He was born to die! God knew we each need to be delivered from sin, so out of love He sent us His Son, born of a virgin. He lived without sin, among us, and then He died a cruel and painful death. He rose on the third day, and now He lives forever more! Faith in Him will allow one to live forever with God in heaven, after this life.

How do you plan to respond to the Sender, and what do you plan to give Him in exchange? I encourage you to give him your heart! I hope you’ll be fascinated with this gift, accept and cherish Him, and He will come and live in your heart, and make you a new person! Merry Christmas!