It’s amazing how time flies. Christmas seems to be coming

faster and faster each year. The planning, preparation, and

anticipation make it a very exciting time, but, let us not forget

who we celebrate. Christmas is all about Jesus even though some

would like to see Him off the scene. Referring to this time of year

as the ‘holidays’ does not change anything; it is still Christmas,

Jesus’ birthday.

If we are going to celebrate it, let’s celebrate it for what it really

is, because history cannot be changed or re-written. When He was

born, God sent angels to announce to the shepherds, “A Savior

is born.” He has come to save mankind from sin. Herod, king in

those days tried to get rid of Him but failed. How can humans get

rid of God, the creator of the universe? Impossible!

People think refusing to accept the claims of Jesus as Savior

excuses them from the penalty of sin. In fact, it doesn’t. God is

God, and has set things up the way they are for a reason. Those

who disagree are not really doing themselves or anyone else any

favors. God is not going to bend or change His rules because

someone has reservations or disagreements.

So as we celebrate this season, year after year, let’s remember,

‘No Jesus, No Christmas’

He desires to have a personal relationship with each individual,

but will not force His way into anyone’s life. He has done His part

by coming and dying to pay the penalty for our sin, past, present

and future. We have to do our part by accepting the salvation He

is offering so freely through faith in Him.


As we give and receive gifts this Christmas, let’s remember, God was the first

one to give a gift, Jesus His Son. The Son gave His life and said,

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father

except through me.” “I am come that they might have life and have

it to the fullest” (John 14:6; 10:10 NIV). This is Christmas!! 

Have you considered Jesus, the Savior, the reason for Christmas? 

If not, why not? Call on Him today for salvation, and make this a memorable Christmas!