Anything perfect cannot be improved upon! It is all it can be and should be. So God’s way lacks nothing! We cannot wish or request anything better. God’s way is perfect, even He cannot improve upon it.

 What is God’s way, and why is it perfect?  God’s way is love, because all His other attributes flow out of love.  His kindness, justice, mercy, you name it, they all flow out of love, and therefore His way is love and His love is perfect.  His love is just the thing you and I need!

 His love is perfect, when I don’t understand my circumstances, His love is perfect, when I make mistakes, His love is perfect, when I hurt, His love is perfect, even when I face disappointments that lead to discouragement.

 His love is perfect, all the time, and under all circumstances. His love is perfect in all He does, and in all He allows in my life. He is working it all out for His glory and for my good. This is a reminder that I am totally safe in His care.

As for God, His way is perfect, I will trust and not be afraid, I will trust and not question His wisdom, O, perfect love, such awesome comfort!