This is the last week of our series: Practicing God's four-"Ps"-for life. I hope you've enjoyed practicing them. Here's the last of the four "Ps."

 God’s promises

The fourth "P" in God’s four "Ps" is promises.

What is a promise? A promise is a commitment by one person to another to do or not do something. As a noun, promise means a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something.

God has made us numerous promises and they are all trustworthy (see Psalm 145:13, 146:6): they’ve been tested repeatedly, and proven true! Jesus, being 100% certain of His ability to deliver on His promises, challenged us to put Him to the test (see John 7:17). Claiming God’s promises helps us to practice the other three "Ps." How do we know what the promises are, and which one to claim and when? We have to start by being familiar with the Word of God (the Bible). God’s promises are like deposits made into our bank accounts. We can’t claim something we don’t know was available to us. If you didn’t know someone has made a deposit into your bank account, you’d never make a withdrawal, no matter how needy and desperate you might be.

Now that we know what God’s four "Ps" are, what should we do? Let’s practice them regularly with enthusiasm. If we do, I believe our relationship with God the Father will deepen. We’ll be in His presence around the clock, being on the alert, and not fall prey to the devil and his evil schemes.

We know God’s purpose for us collectively; how about His purpose for us individually? Do you know your assignment, like Jeremiah did, and what are you doing about that? When we accomplish our individual assignments in the body, we’ll ultimately accomplish our assignment as the body. We’ll be loving and taking care of each other and winning souls for the Kingdom.  Let’s not forget to claim his promises that give us courage, boldness, assurance, and peace of mind.  

May God help us to make these four-"Ps"-part of our Christian walk, daily! Thank you, and God bless you.