I got the idea for the title for this article from the title of a book, ‘Changing Zip Codes’-by Carol Stratton, a Christian author.  Apparently she has relocated twenty-two times so far; that sounds painful.  Knowing firsthand, all the apprehension and frustration movers go through; she has shared some good ideas for moving folks.      

I think the average person relocates to a new address at least once in their life time (not based on statistics).  You might be someone who hates to relocate, because you are a homebody, or afraid of change.  No matter how many times you’ve relocated to date, you have at least one more in your future.  This pending address is going to be permanent; your final one!  There will never be another opportunity to relocate or make changes!  So if this new address is going to be IT, how much thought should you put into y our preparation?  The wisest thing to do will be to ascertain ahead of time that, your new address will have everything you will need to live there comfortably.     

Your permanent address is going to be one of two places, heaven or hell, and fortunately, God has given you the right to choose.  Each individual has to choose where they want to be.  No one is authorized to decide for another person, be it family or friend.  The new address will automatically be hell for anyone who does not make their intentions known by placing their faith in Jesus.  

Let’s compare the two possible places.  The Bible describes heaven as God’s dwelling place (Isa 66:1a)!  It has pearly gates and golden streets (Rev 21:21).  There is no hunger, thirst, or tears (Rev 7:16-17).   The Bible describes hell as the dwelling of the devil and his angels (Mt 25:41b)!  It is a place of ongoing torment with unquenchable fire (Rev 20:10).  Now think about it - which location would you like for a permanent address? This of course is no brainer, but Whiles you are thinking about it; let me tell you how you can secure the location of your choice.  

If you’ll like to relocate to heaven (highly recommended), you’ll need to agree with God that you are a sinner who deserves to go to hell.  Then you need to accept His forgiveness provided through the death of His only Son, Jesus (Rom 3:23, Jn 3:16).  You could pray like this: Dear God, I know I am a sinner.  Thank you for the gift of salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ.  I accept Him as my Savior; please accept me as your child.  Thank you.  Then of course you have to start preparing for heaven by living according to His Word, the Bible.   On the day of relocation, you will be ushered into your Savior’s presence, your permanent address, by the angels.

 On the other hand, if you prefer to relocate to hell, do absolutely nothing different; continue to live the way you are now, with no regard for God.  When the time of transition comes you will be sent there with no questions asked.  Note that not making a decision is the equivalent of deciding to relocate to Hell.  

This is the most important decision you will ever make; please don’t take it lightly, because God doesn’t.  Place your faith in Jesus today, so you can escape the horrors of hell!