Letter To Adam and Eve

Do you have any idea what the piece fruit you ate has done to us, your descendants? Do you have any idea? Did you have any idea how far reaching one act of disobedience was going to be? You did not think this through; your actions were selfish and poorly thought out!
The consequences of the mess you handed down to us are getting worse, everyday: Relationships are falling apart; there is hunger, diseases, and death. Little children and infants are living and dying in poverty. We have diseases with no known names or cure, and children are suffering with inoperable cancers. There are rampant senseless killings, early death, and all kinds of unimaginable distress.
It is too late for you to worry about all that; the damage has been done.
But God in His love and infinite wisdom, made a way to restore things to their original state, to restore the relationship between Him and us. Do you remember how He used to visit you in the Garden, in the cool of the day (see Genesis 3:8)? Of course you do, but you lost that privilege when you were thrown out of the garden.
But He has restored that privilege to us; now we are able to visit Him in His Throne Room. Do you want to know what He did? He sent His One and only Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins (see John 3:16).  Jesus died a painful death on the cross on our behalf, so now we don’t have to die if we repent, believe in Him and ask for forgiveness. For the time being though, our struggles will continue until we see Him face to face. Through our pain and suffering, He is transforming us to be more like Him.
We will not hold any of our sufferings against you, because if anyone of us had been the First, we most likely would have done exactly what you did.
Now about the Throne Room, let me tell you, it is amazing! As sinful as we are (thanks to you), we get to go there any time of any day to just sit down, lie down, stand up, or kneel down before Him. Physical posture is really not that important; what is really important is the posture of our hearts.
He wants us to come in humility, penitence, and faith. He talks to us through the Word and the Spirit, and then He listens to us as we petition Him about various needs and issues. You know, He answers before we call, and while we are still speaking He hears (see Isaiah 65:24). Our relationship with Him through Christ is amazing. All these privileges are only for those who believe in Him, so we need to let everybody else know about His provision for salvation!
Guess what else, He is preparing a place for us in heaven (see John 14:2-3), so when we leave this life we will forever be with Him. Again, it is only those who believe in Him who will be with Him, and those who never believe in Him will be with the devil, who deceived you in the garden. Sad to say, their eternity will be in the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels (see Matthew 25:41). I hope you appreciate this update!