God created man in His own image, and had plans before the creation of the world to redeem him through the death and sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus.  He therefore had no desire and still doesn’t desire to send anyone to hell, except of course, the devil and his angels.  This of course does not mean no humans will be there, because sadly, there will be many there.  “Why?”  You might ask.  There will be many there because during their lifetime these people made the choice to go there.  

Please understand that they did not say or desire in their hearts, “O I want to go to hell someday.”  They expressed it by their attitude, they ignored the way of salvation, they wanted nothing to do with God, and especially His Son Jesus, who is the only Name given among men by whom we might be saved.  They felt so righteous in their own eyes thinking they had no need for a Savior; they chose to align themselves with the devil, following his leadership.  

The end result of rejecting Jesus is hell!  Not desiring hell does not lead to heaven.  What leads to heaven is faith in Jesus, the Son of God, because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No man comes to the Father except through Him (Jn 14:1).  

Have you prayed to God asking for forgiveness through His Son?  If not please do it now before it is too late.  God is faithful; He honors His word 100 percent of the time.  No matter what your sin, He has promised to forgive and forget if only you repent and ask for His forgiveness.